Templar Castles and Riverside Villages: Tomar and Almourol Castle


The Order of the Fighting Monks - Conquered by Christians in the First Crusade in 1098, Jerusalem was again surrounded by the Arabs in 1116. It was at that time that Hugues de Poiens, cousin of Saint Bernard and Godefroid de Saint-Omer, French nobles, swore in the church of the Holy Sepulcher (the temple of Christians) to live in perpetual poverty and defend the pilgrims who came to the Holy Land. The Order of the Poor Knights of Christ was born, renamed, in 1118, as Order of the Knights of the Temple - the Templars.

French King Philip IV owed money to the Order of the Templars. In 1307, bankrupt and fearing the influence of the Templars, he allied himself with Pope Clement V and began to persecute and arrest the Templars on false charges. In 1310, 54 Templars were burned alive in an auto-da-fe held in the public square in Paris.


In 1317, only one kingdom acted against the Pope's will: Portugal! King Dom Dinis founded the Order of Christ and transferred all the assets of the Templars to the new Order. Portugal becomes a haven for Templars who were persecuted across Europe. The Convent of Christ, in Tomar, becomes the strongbox of secrets that the inquisition was unable to extract and the headquarters of the Order of Christ.
You will visit the Castle of Tomar and the Convent of Christ which was the seat of the Order of the Templars and the Order of Christ. Classified by UNESCO in 1983 as a World Heritage Site.
Did you know that the Order of Christ was the pillar that led the Portuguese to lead the great Era of the Discoveries, perpetuating the Templar legacy?

The Military Order of the Temple was created in Jerusalem around 1118 to defend the holy places in Palestine. Assisted by the Knights Templar during the reconquest, Dom Afonso Henriques, the founder of Portugal, donated the lands of Tomar to them in 1160. D. Gualdim Pais, the first Portuguese Grand Master and Knight of the Order of the Templars, ordered the construction of the Castle. After founding the Convent, it became the headquarters of the Order of the Temple in Portugal.

Marvel at Romanesque Charola (Rotunda), inspired upon the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Manueline window in the Upper Choir and the Main Cloister – one of the most important works from the European Renaissance.

Built on a small rocky island in the middle of the Tagus River, the Castle of Almourol is one of the most romantic and emblematic medieval monuments in Portugal for its meaning and the surrounding landscape.

This defensive post was conquered by the Romans during the early days of Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula. After the Romans came the Alans, the Visigoths and the Moors and occupied the castle. The name Almourol was inherited from the Moors. It was reconquered by the Christians in 1129 and donated to Gualdim Pais, Master of the Order of the Templars. Until 1311, the Castle of Almourol was in possession of the Templars, playing a vital role in the defensive line of the Tagus River.

To reach the castle you need to make a short boat ride. Cross the Tagus River and enter the Castle. See the magnificent view of the landscape that goes far beyond the banks of the river. Do not be surprised if you find it surrounded by morning mists or dense fogs that make us imagine stories of love legends of princesses, princes and Templar knights.
After visiting the Castle of Almourol, you need a break to assimilate all the emotions felt during the visit. In front of the Castle, there is a cafeteria with a terrace. Take a short break. Come in, sit down and ask for something you like to drink or eat. There, sitting on the terrace, your gaze looks for the small islet in the Tagus, and in the middle of it very close to you, rest your eyes on the enigmatic Castle of Almourol, one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the world.
Before returning to Lisbon, visit Constancia, a white village, with bloomed and narrow streets, arches, and viewpoints.
Imagine a place where everything conspires in favor of Beauty!
Known by Poem Village due to the popular tradition that the great Portuguese poet Luís de Camoes may have lived in a house by the Tagus River for some time and where he got inspired to write some of his works.
Constancia is embraced by two beautiful rivers, the Zezere River that comes from the mountainous areas of the Beira region and the Tagus River that crosses the country coming from Spain. In addition to the riverside area, you can climb the steps of the Pelourinho Square and wander the narrow, bloomed, and whitewashed streets that breathe history, crossing its arches and stop at the viewpoints overlooking the river.
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Cross the Tagus River
Visit the Castle of Almourol
Visit the Constancia Village
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