Cosmopolitan Lisbon Past and Present


Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in Portugal. Like Rome, Lisbon is based on 7 hills: Sant'Ana, Santa Catarina, Castelo, Chagas, São Roque, São Vicente and Santo André. Its people, gastronomy, climate, typical neighborhoods and the constant presence of the Tagus River are some of its more desirable attributes.



Start your Sightseeing Day at the most monumental viewpoint in Lisbon at the top of Parque Eduardo VII. We can say that this is Lisbon's balcony! From here you can see the hills of "The city of the 7 hills" as Lisbon is also known. Look to your left and notice that on top of one of the hills lies the imposing São Jorge Castle. Ahead of you is the beautiful Parque Eduardo VII, but the best is yet to come, look ahead and contemplate the imposing statue of Marques de Pombal, Liberdade Avenue and, further on, the Tagus River. On good days you can see on the other side of the river - on the south coast, the Arrabida Mountains. It is also here that you can find the monument that pays tribute to the 25th of April, the Carnation Revolution - which took place on the 25th of April 1974 - and a huge national flag with 240 square meters hoisted 35-meter mast.


Located next to the Parque Eduardo VII and in front of Liberdade Avenue, Marquês de Pombal Square is one of the most notable and historic squares in Lisbon.
Passing by Liberdade Avenue One of the main and, we can say, the most luxurious, elegant, and beautiful avenues in Lisbon.



We invite you to join us in this experience of History, Light, Colors and Flavors as a Portuguese poet once wrote: “We will now invite the tourist to come with us. We will serve as cicerone and we will stroll through the capital, showing him the monuments, the gardens, the most notable buildings, the museums - everything that is in any way worthy of being seen in this wonderful Lisbon.” Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon: What the Tourist Should See.




You will visit the most important sights in Lisbon. Your Guide will make some stops with the vehicle inviting you to make short walking routes together, where you will stroll through the streets of some of the historic districts.



Visiting Downtown: Rossio, São Domingos Church, Prata Street, Augusta Street, Commerce Square You arrived at Rossio. On a walking tour, your guide will invite you to take a stroll through the streets of the Baixa Pombalina (downtown) together. Through the testimony of your guide, you will get to know Rossio, Largo and the Church of São Domingos, Augusta Street and Commerce Square better. Time to enjoy a ginginha or, if you prefer, a codfish pastry in one of the taverns in Downtown.



Visit the Portas do Sol viewpoint In the historic neighborhood of Alfama, you will find the magnificent Portas do Sol viewpoint that will provide you with a fantastic view over Lisbon: observe a labyrinth of streets, lanes, alleys and staircases until you reach the Tagus River. Be amazed by the indisputable light of Lisbon reflected on the roofs of houses and medieval churches. Here you will be able to take photographs that will deserve to be highlighted on the best wall of your home displayed in a beautiful frame. Don't be surprised if you find a bride being photographed next to the iconic Tram 28.


Parque das Nações was the stage for the last great Exhibition of the 20th century - Expo'98, which took place in Lisbon from May 22 to September 30, 1998 subordinated to the theme “The Oceans, A Heritage for the Future”. During the 132 days, the event welcomed around 11 million visitors. Gil was the official mascot of Expo'98. Its name evokes a great Portuguese navigator who rounded the Cape Bojador in 1434, the navigator Gil Eanes. The Expo'98 allowed a “new city” to be born - modern, dynamic and it kept some of the structures that were part created for this event, such as the Lisbon Oceanarium, the Vasco da Gama Center, the Lisbon International Fair and the Atlantic Pavilion. The Vasco da Gama Bridge was also built within the scope of Expo'98 as well as several gardens, a riverside promenade, a cable car and restaurants with a terrace overlooking the Tagus River. Time for lunch.



After having lunch and crossing a good part of the city, your guide will take you to the Belem area. There is no doubt that you will be surprised with the monumentality of Belem, as it takes us back to the Age of the Portuguese Discoveries. It was from here that the ships departed to discover new worlds. King Dom Manuel I knew how to take advantage of the wealth obtained in this period to enrich the Portuguese architecture giving rise to the Manueline style.



Visit Jerónimos Monastery (Church) In the place where the Jerónimos Monastery was built, in the age of the Discoveries, there was a small beach sheltered from strong winds and with good navigable conditions. This spot was called the Restelo beach and was the safest and most sought-after point by the ships that entered and left Lisbon. It was here that King Dom Manuel I built the Jerónimos Monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Belém. The Monastery replaced a church that existed in the same place that was dedicated to Santa Maria de Belem. Construction started on 1/6/1501 and was completed 100 years later. The expenses of this great project were paid with a tax created by the king that consisted of 5% of all the gold brought from Guinea as well as spices and precious stones coming from India. The monks of the Order of São Jeronimo lived here until 1833.


The original Pastéis de Belém needs no introduction! Deservedly, you will end your day of sightseeing by visiting the “Pastéis de Belém factory since 1837”. Come in, sit down and taste the delicious and original Pastéis de Belém.


Trip Itinerary

Departure at 9:00 at Hotel/Accommodation in Lisbon
Start your Sightseeing Day at the most monumental viewpoint in Lisbon at the top of Parque Eduardo VII
Visiting Downtown
Visit the Portas do Sol viewpoint In the historic neighborhood of Alfama
Visit the Parque das Nações (EXPO'98)
Visit the Belem Tower
Visit the Monument of the Discoveries, one of Lisbon's ex-libris
Visit the Jerónimos Monastery (Church)
Visit to Pastéis de Belém Factory with time to taste the Pastel de Belém.
Return to your Hotel It was a great day and it is time to return to your hotel in Lisbon. We hope to see you again soon on another visit to Portugal. You will be able to choose a Drop-off location different from the Pick-up one, provided it is in Lisbon.


This tour is private and suits your dates and preferences. Our tours are designed especially for the traveler who wants to get away from the traditional tours and wants to experience new realities, original and unique experiences on every journey. Our Tours provide the traveler a visit made with time to enjoy the attractions in a quiet way.

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Duration: 8 Hrs

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Private transportation
Pickup and drop-off at hotel/accommodation in Lisbon
Air-conditioned vehicle
WiFi on board
Taste the delicious and original Pastel de Belém
Bottled water
Liability and Personal Accident Insurances

What is not included
Entrance tickets to monuments
Additional expenses that have not been agreed in advance

General conditions
Estrela d'Alva Tours is not responsible for excess or oversized baggage, because of a lack of notice, if it can not be transported in the reserved vehicle
If it proves impossible in providing one or more services for reasons that are strange to Estrela d'Alva Tours, they will be replaced by equivalent services
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