Filomena Farinha

Born in Sumbe, in Angola, at the age of 9 she went to live with her family in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She adapts to her new reality in the land of "Vera Cruz", creating bonds of friendship and love for the country that last until today. During her stay, Brazil crosses several political and economical stages, since her arrival in 1976, with the beginning of the end of the dictatorship, passing the spiraling inflation and several governmental attempts to stop the inflation til the economical stabilization of the country, by the introduction of the Real, the actual currency. In 1985, after finshing secondary school, she iniciates her professional career. In 1998, she gets her degree in Tourism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – PUC-RS. Afterwards, in 2011, already living in Portugal, obtained the recognition of her degree level qualifications from the University of the Azores, in Portugal.
During her stay in Brazil (1976 - 1999) she felt the welcoming and characteristic hospitality of the Brazilian people. Being aware of the importance of welcoming travelers, she has as one of the main goals in her professional career to promote the welcome for tourists who come to visit Portugal.
In 1999, she arrives to Portugal, and iniciates a new stage in her professional life. Born with the Portuguese nationality and being the daughter of Portuguese parents she always lived within the customs of the "casa portuguesa com certeza" (title of a popular song that translates into "Portuguese house, for sure"), these facts enabled her to adapt quickly to the country.

Pedro Farinha

Son of Portuguese immigrants, born in the former West Germany. At age 12 returns to Portugal, fixes residence in Almada, the waterfront city that Lisbon has to serve as a backdrop on the other bank of the Tagus.
Attends the Architecture studies in Lisbon University but decides to change the course of his life and devotes him self with heart and soul to graphic design. Over the past 16 years participates in several editorial projects some of which in the area of Conservation of Nature and Bird Watching, through publication of books, magazines and maps.
In 2013 he embraces the Estrela d'Alva Tours project, acting as Tour Manager and Marketing Director.
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