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The Portuguese Institute for Tourism (Turismo de Portugal) created the Clean&Safe Establishment Seal, which aims to recognise Tourist Resorts, Tourism Entertainment Companies and Travel Agencies that commit to comply with the recommendations issued by the National Tourist Authority in coordination with the Portuguese Health Authority (DGS) to reduce the risk of contamination with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19).

Valid until June 14, 2024, the Clean&Safe Seal requires the implementation within the companies of an Internal Protocol that, according to the recommendations of the the Portuguese Health Authority, assures the necessary hygiene to avoid risks of contagion and guarantees safe procedures for the functioning of touristic activities.

Estrela d'Alva Tours values the Clean&Safe Seal and assumes the commitment of accomplishing the rules established by it, assuring the necessary hygienization to avoid risks of contagion by the Coronavirus - COVID 19 and the safe procedures for the functioning of our work.







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